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Rainbow Vet in Darlington PA is one of the vets use for my foster dogs. I use another for my own dogs and for the fosters as well. Depends what condition the foster is in and a few other things. How much cash I have on hand at the time the foster comes into rescue. My own vet uses Trifexis, too new product and some dogs have died after using.

Our collie rescue does not recommend at this time. Since Interceptor is not longer being made in the US, Collies and other herding dogs have had issues with Heartguard, the rescue recommends revolution. They are protected to the max. Vectra D and Revolution, a little costly but I juggle so I am not purchasing both out of the same paychecks.

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There are a few side effects associated with Revolution Selamectin. Hair loss is the most common one, but your pet may also experience inflammation, decreased appetite, and skin redness, welts, hives, and sluggishness, lack of coordination, rapid breathing, vomiting, or salivation. You should tell your doctor about any medicines your cat or dog is taking and what medical problems he or she has had in the past. Also mention any drug allergies that you know your pet has. Coupons and Promotions Search this website.

Deb Varner on April 25, at pm said:. It can kill them.

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  4. I did use Vectra on my yorkie and it did NOT work at all. Penny on May 13, at am said:. Lor on June 14, at am said:.


    Jennifer on July 1, at pm said:. Kimberly on July 3, at pm said:. Chris on July 6, at pm said:. Kate on July 19, at am said:. Robin on October 26, at pm said:. Jaydine Morton on July 22, at pm said:. My dogs have had severe allergic reactions to Vectra 3D. Sandy Weeks on January 5, at pm said:.

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    Patricia on February 22, at pm said:. Ginger on March 5, at pm said:. Greg on March 10, at pm said:. Debbie Garner on March 26, at pm said:. Rowynn Rogers on April 3, at pm said:. Why is it necessary to give so much information on an unsecured site, to get a rebate? Tracy on June 11, at pm said:. It is not waterproof, it is water resistant — more than Frontline.

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