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Going with the more traditional approach, the Keter Factor outdoor shed is constructed mainly using polypropylene resin. Also, maintaining the resin-built outdoor shed is so much easier. Another plus of the Keter Factor shed is that it comes with shelving units. It means the need for purchasing such shelves separately or building a few on your own. However, the manufacturer only provides corner shelves, which are not too big. Still, they will be enough to hold a substantial number of items. The external dimensions of this outdoor shed are On average, the shed offers a storage capacity of cubic feet.

If you need additional space to store your tools, the 8 by 11 foot Keter Factor outdoor shed will come in handy. It has lockable doors, 3-D tile roofs for ample ventilation and 2 shelves to store those items that cannot be kept on the ground.

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For those interested in a mid-range, solid storage shed, the Suncast Everett makes a strong contender. The Suncast Everett boasts a metal-reinforced roof that can withstand loads of heavy snow during winter. To provide natural light, this outdoor shed comes with windows and skylights. This way, you can navigate the shed without stumbling over tools. Summary : This Suncast Everett gives you the ultimate experience when it comes to outdoor organization.

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Have you been looking for a storage shed that you can use both outdoors and indoors? The Suncast Tremont is a large shed measuring 8 ft. Its doors and windows are of a big size, a factor that makes it easy to move and store large-sized items in the shed. This shed is made of blow molded resin, which is both durable and strong. The roof is also constructed using resin, and then reinforced using metal truss.

Also added to the roof are six skylights to let in natural lighting into the shed. The Suncast storage shed is designed for homeowners looking for versatility. For an individual who wants something a bit fancy, the Keter Factor Resin outdoor shed will not disappoint. This storage shed is similar to the Keter Factor shed we reviewed earlier, but it has a more compact size; hence looks more stylish. This outdoor shed measures 6ft. However , this shed has a lot more to offer than its curb appeal. With interior dimensions of Overall, the shed has been constructed using resin plastic and steel to guarantee durability.

The Keter Factor 6ft. Some homeowners may want to invest in outdoor storage sheds but lack enough space in their yard to set one up. If you sail in this boat, the Keter Manor is the ultimate solution.

This shed has a vertical design, which helps to save on space. The benefits of the Keter Manor are apparent from its narrow yet tall frame. Measuring 4ft by 6ft. Now, gardeners across the globe can bring style and function even in limited spaces. Another plus of this shed involves the double wall panels that have been extruded to provide durability. The floor consists of built-in ventilation ducts to ensure that there is as much circulation as possible. Having a small yard or garden space should not restrict you from keeping your tools organized. The Keter Manor features a compact but tall frame, which can fit well in confined spaces.

Suncast BMS is a low-profile outdoor shed. The Suncast BMS provides homeowners with a highly-organized unit for storing away yard clutter. Also, the shed is ideal for storing away several bikes; hence enabling you to protect them from harsh weather. Suncast BMS weighs a measly pounds.

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This makes it lightweight enough to carry around in case you have to relocate or want to place in a different spot. In total, the shed has a storage capacity of 70 cubic feet and it can fit two gallon garbage containers. For a simple, light but functional storage shed, this model by Suncast checks all the boxes. This storage shed provides a long-lasting performance and it requires only minimal maintenance. Many homeowners are torn when it comes to choosing a material for their outdoor storage sheds.

Plastic, on the other hand, is easy to maintain but sometimes not durable. The Arrow Shed HM65, which is made entirely of steel, overcomes the shortcomings of wood and plastic sheds. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Garden sheds are a great fit if you've got a lot of backyard equipment.

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The side opening doors make it easy to access all your tools. If you've got a lot you need to store, or something big like a car, storage buildings are the perfect solution. You'll find all the accessories you need for your new shed in our great selection; shelves, tools, extreme weather kits and more. If you find that your needs have outgrown your shed, come checkout the great extensions we have for Lifetime sheds.

Many sheds are significant investments, and you'll find a huge variety of designs, materials, and assembly procedures as you shop. Plus, you want a shed that has a nice visual appeal, especially because it's going to be installed in your yard. If you're overwhelmed by the many shed choices you're facing, Insider Picks is here to help.

We've researched and evaluated outdoor storage sheds to find the best sheds you can buy. We've included sheds that give you tons of storage, as well as sheds that don't take up too much room. And don't worry, we've included sheds that are easy to install, and one shed that doesn't require any installation at all.

Whether you need to store ride-on lawnmowers, garbage cans, or sporting equipment, there's a shed in this guide that will suit your needs. The Suncast Tremont Storage Shed is a versatile option suitable for many homeowners. This shed's 8-by foot design can accommodate tools, smaller machines, and other items. Its generous inch-wide door opening means that you can use it to store ride-on mowers, wheelbarrows, and more. Two corner shelves can be installed in eight different locations, allowing you to customize the shed's design to your needs. Many outdoor storage sheds are made of somewhat flimsy materials, but the Suncast Tremont Storage Shed 's major strength is in the durability of its construction.

The steel-reinforced multi-wall panels are designed for both strength and stability, and the all-weather construction offers UV protection. This shed is designed to be low-maintenance, and it can even be padlocked for additional security. This shed is packed full of features that make it both convenient and easy to use. Six skylights provide visibility during the day, so you don't have to worry about bringing along a flashlight to locate your tools. With a 4.

One reviewer wrote , "It looks great, the doors fit perfectly and the sky lights are a nice addition. The heavy plastic floor is great, with raised tread for grip. All in all, the Suncast Tremont Storage Shed offers significant value for its price.

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Pros: Highly durable, generous storage space, skylights allow for natural light. Cons: Assembly can be time-consuming, shed must be installed on a prepared flat base. If you're looking for temporary storage at an affordable price, you won't find a better option than the Abba Patio Storage Shelter. This shelter features a powder-coated steel frame and polyethylene top cover that can be easily set up, collapsed, transported, and stored as needed. The components themselves are lightweight, making moving and assembling this shed easy for one person.

I've used this shed myself at my home and the installation took me about an hour. I found that all of the parts fit together well. As an Amazon reviewer confirmed : "Very well designed and made, everything fit together perfectly — tubing joints, seams, grommets, Velcro, and door flap. Easy one person set up in 90 minutes, just follow the picture instructions.

I found that this shed to be more durable than other temporary sheds made by other companies. Still, it's important to anchor it down well, since strong wind will easily carry it away. I found the anchors included with the shed to be a bit flimsy and opted to use heavy-duty tent stakes and cinderblocks for extra reinforcement. The Abba Patio Storage Shelter is available in multiple sizes, so it can be used to store anything from lawnmowers to vehicles.