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Sign up for email updates. Our brains still think we have to please others to survive. When we model people-pleasing behaviors around our kids, we teach them to break under peer pressure and obsess over how they appear to others, rather than being authentically who they are. Keep calm and carry on instead of wasting your time trying to win people over. The same is true for our kids. Comparison robs us of confidence. Solution: Practice gratitude. To embrace abundance, we have to begin looking for it. For what are you grateful in your own beautiful, abundant life? Wendy Connelly, M.

On our tour, we learned that the Roasterie was founded in in a Brookside basement, and in the early days, a regular clothes iron was used to seal their coffee bags. Also, coffee starts out as a berry-like fruit called a coffee cherry, and the actual process of roasting coffee beans looks eerily similar to popping popcorn. After the tour, we were able to sample the cold brew and the nitro brew.

We also received a hot brewing demonstration using both a French press and a pour over, followed by more samples. If you are a coffee lover, this is a fun way to spend a couple of hours. Plus, they have a nice cafe there at the factory, complete with baked goods from Baked in KC. The Country Club Plaza alone contains 19 fountains and four wishing wells!

You can build a DIY tour of your own using a brochure published by the City of Fountains Foundation, which features around 30 fountains. My husband and I visited quite a few on a nice sunny Saturday. The Northland Fountain is actually one of three fountains that runs year round. The tour departs from Union Station in a nice bus and traverses much of the city, traveling from the River Market area to south of the Plaza.

Bootleg liquor flowed freely, and the city was full of political corruption, mob activity, gambling, prostitution, jazz and nightlife. Political bosses like Tom Pendergast ruled the city. Our tour guide was a local actor dressed as a gangster who did his best to keep us all engaged and entertained. Truthfully, the tour was kind of cheesy, but it was also very interesting and educational. Hannah Berry is a freelance writer who lives with her husband in Kansas City.

They enjoy regular date nights and love trying new restaurants and activities. A day to yourself? Finding the perfect shoes? Shopping with friends? These non-invasive tests provide results and a care plan within the same appointment. What used to take days now takes 30 minutes. Same day, walk-in, evening and Saturday appointments available. Each week we choose a new restaurant to try after church and enjoy a yummy meal together. The Brunch Book 2. A win-win! I smiled, laughed and got teary-eyed as I read about Ove and the lives he touched.

I love being able to slip on a shoe before heading out. A few years back, my older daughter found these fuzzy slides by Qupid, and they are totes cute and totes comfortable. Side note: Naturally, a pedicure is needed before slide and flip flop season. Currently sporting Japanese Rose Garden. Side, side note: Who gets to name nail polish? I think that would be a fun job! Perfect for mid-morning, afternoon or an evening snack.

What I do like is pretty plants and flowers and having a yard that looks nice. Enter Family Tree Nursery. The arrangements are spectacular, and I receive many compliments. See pg. Offer ends May Whatcha making?

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Spice cake had always been my favorite. I love it! How come? Mom pulled out an index card from her recipe file, a small tin box, painted white with a floral border around the edges. No eggs? No milk? We always had both, and our family was definitely not rich. My attention came back to the cake. Now, go play. When I came out, the scent of that cake drew me to the kitchen like a porchlight draws June bugs. I slid off the chair and joined her. She baked it in a smooth, ring pan and made it whenever she wanted, frosted with that same mocha icing.

Her recipe box disappeared before she passed, so I did some research online and found several methods. I tried a few of them, but the taste was never the same. Maybe, she baked that cake because she knew I liked it so much. William R. Bartlett lives in Belton with his family. Barrier spray treatments to rid your yard of mosquitoes, fleas, and ticks. All natural treatment options available. Cannot be combined.

As rates of smartphone use rise among teens, researchers are also seeing an increase in teen depression. Could the two be related? And if so, what can parents do to buffer their kids from the adverse effects of screen technology? What the research says.

Psychologist Dr. Jean Twenge, author of iGen, studied trends among children born between and Through her groundbreaking research, she discovered that as more smartphones landed in the hands of teens, depression and unhappiness also began to rise. Kids today spend about an hour less per day with their friends than teens did in decades past, preferring online interactions.

But the more time spent online, the less happy they feel. And when screens are kept in the bedroom, they can affect sleep quality. Social media and video gaming are like candy for the brain. The immediate gratification we experience from social media likes or achieving the next level in a video game creates short bursts of dopamine, a feel-good reward chemical in the brain.

Those quick hits of rewards flooding the brain keep us going back for more. A recent study conducted by Twenge and W. Keith Campbell, a psychology professor at the University of Georgia, suggests that even just one hour of screen time a day inhibits curiosity in children and teens, results in lower self-control, less emotional stability and a greater inability to finish tasks. Reducing screen time, not eliminating it, seems to be the best recipe for happy teens, and is a more realistic goal.

What should parents do? Establish ground rules. To encourage healthy online behavior, Chettiar recommends creating ground rules from the beginning. For example, you may decide that tech-free zones include the dinner table, your car and social gatherings. Warning signs. If you notice your teen is isolating himself, acting secretive or intentionally vague about his online activities, or you notice abrupt changes in his habits or social circle, talk to him without judging or punishing him. Contact a counselor if you need additional support.

Listen to learn. Get curious about the apps, video games and platforms that your kids enjoy. Play Fortnight with your teen or message her through Snapchat or another favorite app. Maintain an open dialogue with your adolescent by discussing current issues, pop culture and other areas of interest. This will inevitably lead teenagers to take risks, explore various roles and ideas and occasionally misstep.

Create a balance. If your teen loves taking photos and posting on social media platforms like Instagram, find ways to foster that interest in the real world and connect with other budding photographers. Christa Melnyk Hines is an internationally published freelance writer. She resides in Olathe with her family, which includes her husband, two digitally charmed adolescent sons and a menagerie of pets.

As always, please consult your health care provider with any questions or concerns. On Differences We all realize that each person is different and has his own unique gifts, talents, opinions, quirks and habits. Larger families learn to embrace differences because their own house is a diverse place. Growing up in this environment creates an appreciation for our differences and teaches kids to be accepting.

You do not need to have a big family to live like a big family and use the principles most larger families are forced to apply. Here are some. Time is something we all want more of. The change in perspective here is that large families must use their time more wisely. If there is an hour for cleaning, get up and clean. If there is an hour for playing, make the most of it and enjoy your children. If you have two hours to spend with your spouse, turn off the TV and talk. Put down your cell phone and ask the kids how school went.

Rise early in the morning to spend some quiet time alone so you feel refreshed for a busy and full day. Large families have to learn to let go of what they cannot control. Moms of many learn that fighting about whether the 4and 2-year-old wear coordinating t-shirts or matching socks is not a battle that is worth ruining a day, or even an hour, over. If the child is dressed appropriately for the weather, then the child is ready to go. By choosing to let the small things go and work through the important things as a team, fewer disagreements mushroom.

Benefits for all families: Learn not to sweat the small stuff, which helps create healthy relationships and more peace for everyone. Large families must work with a tight budget and learn to cut costs in creative ways. Families can find many ways to trim the budget, and all families have to choose what works for them. Some ideas may include cooking from scratch, buying used instead of new, cutting out cable or taking on household repair projects yourself. On Chores Working as a team and sharing chores is a necessity for large families to maintain the house.

Teamwork is a skill valued in school and in the workplace. Kids in large families learn to use teamwork to accomplish tasks and work with others in all situations. Kids also learn how to effectively do chores they will be expected to take on in adulthood. Benefits for all families: When everyone pitches in, the work goes faster, and children learn responsibility and skills they will use as adults. Large families may stumble upon these perspectives out of necessity, but families of any size can benefit from them. Sarah Lyons found herself with a large family overnight after the birth of their triplets in , when they went from a family of five to a family of eight.

When it comes to teacher appreciation and end of year, teachers are not expecting gifts, so anything you do is considered thoughtful and greatly appreciated.

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Between field trips, endof-year activities, picnics, talent shows and more, the last month of school can feel like a whirlwind. Throw in Teacher Appreciation Week and end-of-year gifts, and your head just might spin. Read on for a few simple, yet fun and creative, gift ideas at your fingertips! I grabbed a Starbucks card and a bottle of Diet Coke at the checkout thank you, one-stop shopping! Simple, easy and something I know she will like! You can also offer to take lunch one day that week or during the month as a gesture of appreciation.

Make It Personal Personalizing a product is a fun and different idea for teacher gifts. Grab a stainless-steel water bottle No mugs! Sites like Shutterfly also offer a variety of options for personalized products such as notepads, magnets, bags, mousepads and keychains. Old School Why not just go old school this year and have your child make something? Several teachers I surveyed said they love a handmade gift from a student or one the class has been involved in creating.

Even a handwritten note expressing appreciation is taken to heart. Some were so special I have kept them in a file to look back at every so often! Think Outside the box With so many local boutiques around the metro, you can hit up a few for special gift ideas. Pick up a bouquet of flowers or a potted plant. Order an inexpensive but sweet wish bracelet for teachers from Etsy. Head to NotesToSelf. Pack a summer survival kit with a beach towel, magazine or book and a new nail polish color. Be creative and use your imagination! Bear in mind when it comes to teacher appreciation and end of year, teachers are not expecting gifts, so anything you do is considered thoughtful and greatly appreciated.

Try not to overthink or overcomplicate the issue. If creativity is your thing, go for it. If picking up a gift card on your way to drop off the kids that morning is your thing, then do it. Whatever you decide to do, have fun showing your appreciation! Julie Collett lives in Overland Park and was a teacher before staying home with her children so has firsthand knowledge of gifts that teachers really want and need and tries to keep that in mind when putting gifts together!

Growing young minds around theforworld. Address 2. Have your favorite princess at your party! Roll out the red carpet and celebrate that special occasion with a movie! Round up the kids to watch their favorite movie on one of our largerthan-life inflatable screens. Throw in our popcorn machine and the effect will be complete. One of our four differently sized screens is sure to fit your occasion and budget. Coupon must be used at time of booking. Only one coupon may be used. And let each guest grab a balloon or other decoration to take home as well.

Another reminder of a fun time that also helps you with cleanup! Double up. Have the game or craft double up as a party favor. Kids can create slime, paint a photo or make a piece of jewelry as part of the party,. Order in. Often people think catering in the food is too expensive, but there are lots of reasonable options out there.

Game on. Instead of taking the time to plan out games, set out board games around the house and yard games outside. Include sidewalk chalk and bubbles, and your guests will. Single serve. While cakes are lovely, individual desserts are easier to serve and clean up. Cupcakes, cookies, fruit tarts, etc. Having ice cream as well? Scoop the ice cream before the party and place in the freezer in cupcake liners. Head out. Many restaurants have a side room you can use if ordering food. Or, reserve a shelter at a local park. Anything away from home saves on prep and cleanup time!

Do you make time for friends in your life? Do you invite friends over or meet for coffee? How often do you step outside your comfort zone to meet new people? Our kids see how we interact with others. If the parent is involved with friends, shows empathy toward others and helps friends in need, kids will learn that friendships are a priority and understand the natural give and take of a relationship.

They will also watch how parents handle conflict and the normal highs and lows that friends experience. We are social beings, and making and maintaining friendships are big parts of our lives from childhood on. It can be difficult to find loyal friends with whom to build a connection. Parents can help their kids build social skills that help them make friends at any age.

Role play One of the easiest ways to teach kids is through play. As you are playing and interacting with your children, role play scenarios they may encounter when meeting new people. You can use puppets, dolls or even stuffed animals to practice social situations they may encounter. Through play, you can teach your child how to invite someone to play or how to join in on a game already going. Work out possible. After role-playing, kids will be more comfortable when they face similar situations on the playground.

Set an example Building strong friendships is just as important for parents as it is for kids. We have the opportunity to teach our kids through our example. For kids with the gift of gab, conversation may come naturally, but for others, a little practice and a few tips can go a long way.

Part of making and maintaining friendships is being able to take turns speaking, listening and responding with empathy when appropriate. Parents can teach kids how to have conversations during daily life by simply modeling this skill. It can also be taught during role-playing or simply by giving them some tools to start a conversation.

For example, remind youngsters to look at the person in the eye, greet friends as they arrive, respond when asked a question and ask follow-up questions so their friends know they are listening. It takes some practice but is worth it. Teach proper etiquette Being polite can go a long way in building friendships. Kids who take turns, share and let guests go first are also easier to be around. You can model good etiquette for your child and give gentle reminders during playdates and social interactions. Encourage healthy conflict resolution All friends experience conflict.

What is important is how you handle it. Slamming doors, stomping feet, giving the silent. As kids mature, encourage them to talk about their feelings, come up with a solution or ask an adult to help. As much as possible, have the kids work out their conflict. However, be available to help them come to a resolution both friends can live with. Be social One easy way to encourage your kids to make friends is to provide them the opportunities to socialize.

Allow your children to invite friends over to play or to meet at a park. Hosting a playdate that encourages mutual interests helps build friendships as well. If your child is interested in animals, invite a friend with similar interests to meet you at the zoo. Sports and extracurricular activities are another great place to find friends with commonalities. Remember that everyone has a different personality which will affect how a person reacts in social situations. Some children love to be the center of attention and thrive on being around others.

Other children may be more reserved and shy. They may enjoy being around other people but prefer to sit back and observe the situation. Another important thing to keep in mind is that your child does not need to be the most popular person in the class. He really only needs one or two close friends to feel accepted and connected to his peers. Want More in Life? The need for new foster and adoptive parents is greater than ever.

Sarah Lyons is a part-time freelance writer and a full-time mom of six living in Olathe. Contact us to learn more. Her husband had helped their kids write out some of their favorite memories and stories with her.

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He then rolled the papers up and put them back in the vase. Now Driskell can take these tangible memories out of the vase, read them and put them back in to read again later. Do you struggle to come up with new ways to express your gratitude for Mom? Have you found yourself stuck doing similar things year after year for the moms in your life?

Enjoying some time in the park on a nice day is another method of de-stressing, so pack a meal for the family and take her to the park. Going to the park together is a simple and low-tech form of family bonding. If your mom is a fitness buff, try working out with her. If she likes gardening, dig into the soil with her. The point is relating to her by doing things she enjoys—and while you are at it, you might discover a new hobby. Instead, try enjoying what she enjoys. You might find you like it after all. Let her go on a walk. Taking a walk can help one de-stress, clear their mind and provide some much-needed time to themselves.

For a mom, this can often be therapeutic, and the physical benefits of walks are just as significant. Let her go for a long walk away from everyone so she can enjoy the outdoors by herself. Appreciate her work. Is your mom a teacher? Why not have some of her students write out the ways she has impacted them? Does your mom volunteer at a food pantry? Volunteer one week in her place and see the significance of her work. She likely touches many lives on a daily basis, so find those people she impacts and have them explain what she has done for them.

Report their meaningful words back to her. Or perhaps you like building things with wood? Make Mom something with your hands if you can. If you are a musician you can write her a song, or if you are an artist you can paint her a picture. The thought put into such a personal gift will be meaningful to her. She says the kids love getting their hands in dirt and mud and having little scoops and shovels to use. These things help get them excited about doing the task together and creating some memories while they are at it.

Make a list of all the sometimes overlooked things she does. Make a point to look around every day for the things she quietly does that you have never praised before. Present the list to her and make sure you talk to her about each of the actions you noticed and why they are important. Take some sweet family pictures. Provide her with an opportunity to actually be in the pictures with the kids. She will cherish a mini portrait session for years to come. Playset of the Month Special! Great deals on Trampolines and Basketball Goals!

Delivery and Set-up by Specialist Install Team. I have found my love of exercise in the midst of motherhood. The movement, the break in my day, the mental release and the endorphins that come along with exercise are my main motivators. Keeping my body healthy and time with friends are added bonuses. We thought it would be fun to offer a nonscientific quiz to lead you in the right direction for what might work best for you today.

Fill out the answers as honestly as you can and see what exercise idea you might want to check out next! A specific studio. A gym with many options. I enjoy the fresh air and sunshine. A fun class with my besties at a rec center. I prefer atypical methods of raising my heart rate. I want to keep toned. I prefer cardio. Weights intimidate me. I want to keep getting stronger.

It depends. I like to be able to get some socialization in at the same time. They would help me push myself to reach my goals. No thanks. Maybe, but not one-on-one. Three times a week for minutes.

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As much as I can; it varies week to week. Daily minutes. Daily for minutes. I like to leave them with my spouse, family or friends. I like to incorporate them to set an example and have fun together. I like to work out while they sleep either AM, PM or during their nap. I like to drop them off in provided childcare.

It needs to be fun yet effective. I like to have fun and can laugh at myself. Moving at all counts. My main focus is my workout and I come to do it right. Not exactly. I like to check my workout off my to-do list. I like to have a new challenge to work towards. Easy, can do it anytime and no commute. Just the equipment. Variety of classes and times and swimming pool for family time. Personal training. My favorite! Can be fun with my friends. If your mama soul yearns for some peace and quiet for a moment each day, check out a local yoga, Pilates or barre studio to get some mental exercise along with your physical exercise.

Or simply take time to take a walk. Luckily for you, KC offers many options, so find one close to your home or workplace to make it an easy habit. They get you moving and shaking, and your workout is over before you know it! Find a time that consistently works for you to use your own equipment, go for a walk, run or bike around your neighborhood, or utilize one of the many amazing tech-based programs: YouTube, on demand, DVDs from the library, Wii Fitness, Amazon Prime— the content seems limitless!

Try a community-based studio like Orange Theory or Burn Boot Camp where community is a strong element. Stephanie Loux is the mother of Layla, 8, Mason, 7, and Slade, 4, and they know that Mommy is happier when she gets a chance to exercise. She is often seen running after three bikes with her Golden Retriever, Thor, making their own personal parade.

High School students can earn credit for courses such as math, science, English, Spanish and social studies. Call See display ad on pg. Campers in grades K-6 will code and program futuristic robots, explore radio frequencies and unearth ancient fossils.

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Local educators. Visit www. Trusted by KC families for years, our classic summer camp experience includes archery, canoeing, horseback riding and more. Specialty camps like skateboarding, paintball, leadership and equestrian camps are also available. Our ACA-accredited programs help campers build character, learn skills and make friends—all within a safe, caring environment.

Choose your adventure at www. Join us Saturday, May 4, pm for a free Open House. Fun themes change every camp session, so kids can sign up for their favorite or enroll more than once. Aspiring Artists sessions run for 4 days and are for ages 8 and up. Creative Kids sessions run 3 days for ages Visit our website at www.


Our curriculum based camps include. At Code Ninjas they can explore technology, develop new skills, and have a great time with friends in a safe environment. Now with two locations in Lenexa and Leawood. Building robots and rockets, SCUBA training like astronauts, interplanetary missions to solve a crisis, learning to fly, plus experiences that include adventures of a.

Half-day and full-day classes led by professional, trained teaching artists include creative drama, acting, and audition skills. Openings limited! Eagle Lake Day Camp Kids -get ready for a daily dose of contagious fun! Eagle Lake Day Camps infuse contagious fun into five days full of exciting activities, adventures and games! The camp runs Mon-Fri, June , from for current K-4th graders.

A late pick-up option is available. Elite Squad Tennis Club Come join us for a ton of fun in the summer sun! Our program is specifically designed to teach tennis in a fun and encouraging environment. We will teach the fundamentals of tennis along with skills like ball tracking, footwork, teamwork, and social skills that will be transferable to any sport. Camp activities include instructional tennis games, team building activities and tennis trivia!

Grow your mind, cultivate a new friend, and dig in the garden for 3 fun-filled days at Family Tree Nursery. Explore amazing plants, eat yummy snacks, take home a cool t-shirt, and play interactive games with leaders and peers. Camps run Tuesday, July 9-Thursday, July Morning and afternoon sessions are available. See display ad on page 3. Avoid a long, boring summer at home and join the Mighty Camp family in ! Register today: Kanakuk Kamps Kanakuk is a premier summer camp experience for boys and girls age 6—18 located in Branson and Lampe, MO. Our 5 Overnight Kids Kamps provide children with age-appropriate, fun, safe and professional outdoor youth camping experiences that grow them spiritually, physically, emotionally and socially.

Kids have fun with friends participating in more than 70 activities, sports and amazing themed parties. Our full-time and summer staff are committed to our mission to equip next generation leaders. Learn more about Continued on page How did he manage sleeping in a different bed without you around? If she is clingy, begin helping her learn to do things herself, such as brushing teeth, making her bed and showering.

Spend time talking about camp with your child. This cuts down on separation anxiety.

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Together, they can make new friends while strengthening their own bonds. Try taking a weekend trip to get used to sleeping away from home. Then try a one- or two-week camp before jumping into the one-month stretch that many kids do. Deciding on camp clothes way ahead of time is a great idea. And remember, stay calm. The idea is to have as much fun as possible—in mud, water or with paint and whatever else the camp involves. A good quality sleeping bag is a good idea. Easy identification of ownership helps when everything is thrown on the floor before the kids go swimming, on a hike or to bed.

Underwear, socks, t-shirts. Make sure they have sun protection and choose a bag your kid can carry, roll or drag without help. Make sure your child is in the mindset that his stuff is his responsibility. A lightweight duffel bag is simple, roomy and will fit under a bunk. This way your child can have a concrete picture in her mind of where she will be going. Be very clear on the drop-off details. Find out whether counselors will be on hand, whether they will be served lunch and whether you need to fill out any forms ahead of time. Even if your camper is too busy to send mail, he will love receiving a postcard or two from you.

Drop them in the mail starting the day camp begins. If you. They also need a medical and insurance form prior to camp. She enjoys drawing on her personal experiences to write about the nuances of everything wonderful about life. Sources: HuffingtonPost.

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Our camp has a Bible halftime with a Bible story. Kanakuk KampOut KampOut! To learn more about your local KampOut! Kansas City Young Audiences offers children performing and visual arts classes, camps, and private instruction at their creative space on Main Street. Summer Camps begin in June. Scholarships are available. Camp runs May 28 through August 9. Half day camps for ages , full day for ages Check out single day camp options the week of 4th of July.

Miller Marley Celebrating 56 years in business, Miller Marley has many options for all levels! Classes run Monday, June 3rd through Sunday, August 11th. There is always something new at Miller Marley! Check out the complete schedule at MillerMarley. Nestled in the rural area of Shawnee County, Kansas in Dover amidst the Flint Hills of Kansas, Mission Creek Camp offers a summer experience rich in fun, friendship, learning and adventure. Missouri Military Academy Build confidence, learn to lead, and have fun—discover summer camps at Missouri Military Academy!

Through fun, challenging activities and new experiences, MMA provides an opportunity for boys to develop their independence, team spirit and self-reflection. Confidence Camp ages and Leadership Camp ages offer fun daily activities like paint ball, pugil sticks and rappelling, while Summer Academy grades focuses on academic improvement while offering earned credit. Music House Five days of life-enhancing arts experiences. You can join a band, put on a show, make a music video, try a new instrument, write a song, and much more.

Options for absolute beginners through experienced players ages 6 - Continued on page Join us for Zoo-mazing fun and animal adventures on your days off from school and during the summer too! Camp can be an exciting and rewarding part of childhood that builds lifelong skills and memories.

If you or your child has never had a camp experience, there are a lot of reasons to give it a try. Metro parents weigh in on what they think is the best part of summer camp:. Kids are active. When they spend time at camp, children are on the go. While many camps provide both structured activities and free-play time, children are engaged.